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Aug 12, 2009



Na, was denn? Immer wieder Apple?


Gratuliere! Bist Du wieder in Deinem alten Apfelkuchen, Buero meine ich?


No, I'm not back in my old job. Lots of new opportunities; I'm in a new, completely different position.


Gee, one wonders whether your "new, completely different position" involves the iPhone.....


It involves working for Apple. :-) So naturally I ditched my Motorola RAZR and got myself the iPhone I'd been coveting.

I would have gotten one much sooner, but I thought it would be uncool to show up at Motorola with an iPhone.

It's a nice phone, but what really enamors me is the fact that I have the internet in my pocket. And all the apps for it! My TV time and reading time have definitely taken a hit, because I am spending so much time with my new toy.

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