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Jun 12, 2009



Cool! I adopted your idea and designed my Monday i-tunes. I might even do a Tuesday as well tomorrow. Monday, Monday...


You could even go bilingual tomorrow - Tuesday and Dienstag, Ds and Ts both.


I hope that list included "Fat Bottomed Girls" and "Flash" by Queen . . .

Okay, bands/peeps -

Farhat Bouallagui/Sting - "Desert Rose"
Faure - *sigh* Love his Requiem, I also suggest "Chanson d'amour, song for voice & piano in F Major, Op. 27/1
Finger Eleven - "Sad Exchange"
The Flaming Lips - "Bad Days" <- I particularly endorse that one, heh. :)
or their "She Don't Use Jelly", and mustn't forget "Turn it On" or "When Yer Twenty-Two."
Fleetwood Mac!!!
Fontella Bass - "Rescue Me"
Fuel - "Won't Back Down"

I think that this list is significant proof of my wide ranging preferences in music. lol

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