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Oct 27, 2007



Inaugural :: ball
Pledge :: Liquid
String :: quartet
Trot :: hot to
Fitness :: to reproduce
Cinder :: cone
Edge :: razor
31 :: flavors
Blue :: Boy
Leather :: Bar


31 flavors -- good one!

And The Pledge is definitely a pretty good movie. I think's from around when Sean Penn said he was gonna quit acting to focus on directing... guess he changed his mind 'cause he's an incredible actor... and not a bad director, either!

See ya :)


Hmm...what is the meaning of 31 flavours?



Serena, 31 flavors is the tag line for American ice cream maker Baskin Robbins. The Wikipedia entry I am linking to, says they even have stores in Malaysia. :-)

Joel, good to see you! Is your neighborhood safe now, or is there still fire danger?

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