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Jun 07, 2006


Andrea Blythe

I'd feel so sorry for the people who have me as a friend on livejournal. They'd be overwhelmed.

Come to think of it, I wonder if anyone is doing it. I may be the one overwhelmed


Okay. Let me think about this one. Coming directly on the heels of BlogHer, it might be a little much. But something in me really wants to give it a go...

Oh wait. It directly interfers with BlogHer. (*huge sigh of relief*) Maybe next year! ;)


I'll sit this one out too. I'll still blog that day, in support of the Blogathon, I'll also help behind the scenes (I am translating some content into German), and I will sponsor several 'thonners. I thought about blogging from BlogHer, that would have been a cool idea - but I don't want to be a wreck, especially since we are doing a post-BlogHer Woolfcamp. Next year ...

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