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Feb 19, 2006



I'm glad you came back to blogging. I look forward to hearing what you have to say...RSS feed, or not!

It was great to meet you at Woolfcamp. Amazing, wasn't it?


So, now I am checking your blog in the old, slow way every couple days or so. :)


I understand why you would do this. Woman, take back the blog! I blogged for years without comments or rss or all of that and I sometimes very much miss those days.

Also probably smart not to blog when your heart is full.


now when i read your words i hear your delightful accent as well! yay!


Vot akssent? I heff no akssent!


My dear Elke. You were my favorite person at WoolfCamp. Don't tell the others.


My lips are sealed. And chocolate-glossed.


aw, it's not stalking, it's LOVE.

i comment early on blogs (not in this case, obviously, because this is catching up!) because i am in a different time zone, and because i don't sleep much, so whenever people post (especially if they post at night in the US), i see it before most others.

i want you to turn on the RSS feed again so that i can see when you have said something new. i think you are being very stubborn and selfish to not think about my wants first! what do you think this is, YOUR blog or something? jeez.


anne dear, Stubborn is my middle name. My mother claims the S. is for Sabine, but all my exes know better.

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