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Jan 03, 2006



Awesome, a real-time blogging of the meetup! That RAWKS.


I probably brought up Sweeps Week, yeah. That's because I did it before! Lookie here! EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN


An excellent post, indeed. Ah, but how much better if it was available as an RSS feed!


Hank, Hank, Hank ... nice try. But I disagree. Feeding wouldn't make my post better at all. Just more convenient to the RSS-fed folks. And while I realize that I live in the Land of Convenience (I have long held that the US of A is just that, rather than the Land of Opportunity), my new bitchy self is not inclined to convenience just now.

Kevin Bjorke

You forgot to add to your New Year's Resolutions the blogging one: "Get an RSS or Atom feed that works" - Bloglines says the last update was weeks ago.... !

Sorry I missed it, I had a date with Edward R Murrow.


Kevin - au contraire: NOT having the feed was the resolution. I turned it off, and I am quite happy with that decision.

Kevin Bjorke

I am completely flumoxed as to why this is a good thing. To ignore your OWN feed reader - sure. But to regressively mess up the readers of the world? Color me confused.


I'm not saying it's a good thing. I simply don't care. (Yes, apathy is destroying the country, and I don't care. Another sign of the impending apocalypse.)

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