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Sep 27, 2005



I trust it wasn’t something I said?

From the tiny bit I know of you Elke, you’re blindingly intelligent, keenly perceptive and sensitive in the widest and best sense of the word. (One can have the first two without the last, but it’s limiting—even stunting.) Having labored under that triple yoke for more years than you—unless you, too, are a veteran of the Peloponnesian War?—and also being prone, when wounded, of going berserker, may I suggest an interim lifesaving remedy once sent me by a grateful Eurasian woman in Tokyo? (No, not That sort of grateful—I paid to have her teeth fixed.) An astoundingly potent German schnapps called Steinhager, best kept locked in a fridge. [I think it was flavored or laced with something, perhaps either a fruit or laudanum.] It used to come in this crude Bronze Age clay bottle with a cork stopper that looked as though hacked and pounded in by some trolls in the Schwarzewald. But, hey, it worked! How do you know? I hear you cry. Because the entity then known as the future ex-Mrs. Berry still walks the earth, doin’ that hoodoo that she do. And I’m not in jail. Yes, a true lifesaver, Steinhager.

Now, if you can’t find that particular poison, any decent straight Russian vodka will do, though I’ve weakness for the cranberry flavored kind. (I’m from Cape Cod—lots of cranberry bogs. Must be a congenital taste, sort of like the Scotts and haggis. )

Alternately, you can just get yourself a twohanded battleaxe and start walkin'. Your call. (Our mutual friend Munichmaedchen will probably counsel prudence, green tea, patience and sobriety. Ho hum.)



Here, have a xanax before you go to bed....


Oh dear, I do hope it wasn't me...
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day...

Elke Sisco

Berry - I am indeed a veteran of the Peloponnesian War, as well as the Thirty Year War, The Hundred Year War, the Trojan Siege, The Battle of the Bulge, and the Kaltenberger Schlacht, and I know better than to drink Steinhäger. Or Jägermeister. How anybody can drink that shit voluntarily is beyond my comprehension. I think tonight may be a good night for a tequila or two.

Joel, I don't do Xanax. I am not anxious. Just pissed. And who says I'm going to bed tonight?

Jonan, my friend, not to worry. Definitely wasn't you. Cheered me up to see you comment. :-)


Seems we both missed the Battle of Tannenberg.

I'm horrified that you'd drink something with a putrescent worm in it yet disdain a fine plebian beverage like Steinhager--a beverage often held responsible for Gustavus Adolphus' victory at the Battle of Breitenfeld.

Will always have fond memories of lugging a now Deputy Director for Homeland Security surely at least fifty miles through nighttime Tokyo after a he'd had a bit too much Steinhager. (Truly the nectar of the gods compared to the local brews.) And then there was the concertina wire to negotiate. But I only remind him of it about once a year. :)

Guess you've elected the battleaxe option.
(Norman if you can find one--holds an edge.)


I thought you always went to bed....are you saying that you are planning to sleep standing up?


Ok, one of you big strong men who know her better go ask her how she's doing today--I'm too chicken. (But do please give her my kindest best wishes.)


Now should I leave a comment, too? No, I don't
think so, 'nough said.

Elke Sisco

Move on, people! There's nothing to see here. Go read somebody else's blog.

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