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Mar 16, 2005



St. Elke's Day? I'd celebrate it! Wait, do I have to wear something silly? :P


Your choice of

[ ] wearing something silly
[ ] doing something silly
[ ] saying something silly
[ ] admiring something silly
[ ] making someone else wear, do, say or admire something silly

I guess that favors April 1st as St. Elke's Day ...

Chris Tann

Ah, the patron Saint of Bullshit! Do you know the true story behind the Blarney stone? The whole story is Blarney! ;> Whoever came up with the story that convinced millions of tourists (most of them American, I hate to say) to lean over a castle and kiss the wall of a Garderobe (i.e. medieval toilet) was a genius! So, kissing the Blarney stone doesn't give you the gift of Blarney - it just proves that you've been _taken in_ by Blarney! :>


Cool. Clinton's got a Bleeding Heart!


There was a National Lampoon religion issue which featured a stained glass representation of St. Onan, patron saint of small families.

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