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Apr 19, 2004



We have a 2-slice toaster we received as a wedding present in 1972. It is beautiful, and still works just fine. It is oriented with the slices edge to edge, not side by side. Shiny chrome long-side panels. Flat black short-side panels. I should post photos...

Elke Sisco

Yes, I think you should! Start a new meme ... I'll be along as soon as I *have* a toaster.


I think this is a great idea! My toaster is a very important part of every morning. It is also important when I am ill, starving but dinner is an hour away, and even occassionally when I want to share a moment with my cockatiel.

Yes...let's do it! I say, who needs a Mercedes? (Who can afford one, anyway?!)

Elke Sisco

You put your cockatiel in the toaster? :^)


I wrote a blog entry about my trials with a toaster and I tried to trackback it to your entry and it corrupted my whole Movable Type Database. (There's a pending bug in their support forums) - I ended up having to rebuild my whole blog yesterday :( but I switched to mySQL, no blogs were harmed in the transition, and I eventually posted my toaster story.

Now to pose with it.


I don't have a toaster. They take up too much counter space for something I could do in my oven.

However I will pose with my KitchenAid mixer!


It took me two hours of shoping to find the toaster I really wanted.

Elke Sisco

Wow, only two hours? You're such a guy! :^)
Are you gonna pose with it?????


I have posed but I keep forgetting to download my pics. I'm getting heat from the family to get the pictures of Christian off it too, so I'll do it soon.


If you want to see the picture, it is posted.


Am I the only person to send you one? Now one of my friends has sent me a toaster picture.

Hannah Peck

Check out this site where people submit photos posing with their toasters!

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