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Feb 10, 2004


Buzz Andersen

I'm amazed no one has mentioned The Beatles' "Rain"--it's one of my favorite Beatles songs. There's also "Happy When it Rains" by the Jesus & Mary Chain. Oh, and I've always liked Elvis's "Kentucky Rain."

Elke Sisco

Buzz - clearly, we were waiting for you to do the honors. :^)

[she sez while she is running PodWorks in the background.]


Prince: Purple Rain
Somehow I remember that song although Prince was never among my favorites.


Now why do I think of Milli Vanilli?? GAH! Did they have a rain song? Now its in my head, won't someone staple my ears shut?! AAAH!


There are so many good rain songs out there. :) I haven't heard the one from the Eurythmics in a long time.

Elke Sisco

But of course! Purple Rain ... and Red Rain ... how could I forget?
Milli Vanilli? Hmmm ... I dunno. And I'm glad. :^)
Anne, if it's in your head, and you have someone staple your ears shut, the song will stay IN your head, and NEVER come out again. You might want to rethink that. :-P

Rich Thomas

I have to object to Bob Dylan, Rainy Day Women No. 12 and 35 being a rain song.

Elke Sisco

Why? It has "rain" in the title. I didn't claim they had to be about rainy weather.
Famous Blue Raincoat isn't about rain either.

Elke Sisco

Anne, I'll hide this down here. If you don't want them in your head again, don't click on this link.

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