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Oct 30, 2003



I feel your pain! I use iCal to help the rest of the newsroom keep up with us web producers -- you know, which one of us is on call, who has the laptop (yeah-- a web department with only ONE laptop). It's very convenient, any newsroom employee can see it on the web, at home or at work. But I hate that I can't change event details.

I also wish there were some way to change the iCal while I'm a work, instead of having to write myself a note to remember to change something once I get home. No, there's no way I can convince our sys administrator that Mac really is better. I've been trying for years.

Elke Sisco

I just sent in some iCal feedback - basically, everything I wrote above. I dunno if I'll get a reply. Let's just hope they fix what's not working yet.

I used to use MeetingMaker at work; that wasn't bad. Sigh ... oh, for the days of being employed ...

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