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Aug 15, 2003



Ooooo looking forward to the photos.
Of course I was wondering if you'd keep the artifact. Hehe. But I didn't think my Elke would do that. It's just damned hard thinking up questions *g*


Follow up to quesstion 1) What you do you if you had to stop blogging? (Maybe wrongfully convited of a crime)

I would also like to be interviewed.


Rich - thanks for suggesting I would be *wrongfully* convicted. Clearly, I have been hiding the bottomless black depths of my criminal mind well from my friends. Ha!

What would I do if I had to stop blogging? I think I would probably go back to reading books (for input) and talking to people (for output). And I would keep blogging in my head. Which leads me to the first of my five questions for you:

1. Do you "pre-blog" in your head during the day, and write it down as you're online, or do you sit down at your computer, and blog what comes to your mind then? Or do you employ yet another method?

2. If you ran for governor in the recall race, what would your "platform" be?

3. Three channels with endless supplies forevermore, and you can pick only one:
- all the music you could possibly want to hear
- all the movies you could possibly want to see
- all the books you could possibly want to read

4. 24 ... naaah, make it 48 hours of blackout in all of California. What do you do? What do you miss terribly?

5. If you could commit a crime and get away with it, what illegal thing would you do?


Interview me!

(That's you in the picture? You look like you are having a very happy vision. The Virgin Mary or someone else?)


Joel! How excellent! I'll question you tomorrow.

Yes, that's me in the picture. Whatever vision I had was brought forth by the company of friends, tasty Italian food, and several glasses of wine.


interview me! :) Please?

And dood, I totally know what you mean about talking to somebody famous and it coming out all "gah... um... gargle?" happened to me when I met James Cromwell: http://www.ealasaid.com/fan/auto-cromwell.html


Of course I'll interview you, Ealasaid! I'll try not to turn it into the Chris Farley Show: "Remember ... remember when ... remember when you were in the Beatles?"
Paul McCa: "Yes. ...."
Chris Farley, tearing at his hair: "Awwww! That was so ... stupid!"

I saw "The Invention of Love" too, and it's still one of my greatest theatre memories, from the moment he said: "I'm dead then. Good."
Remembering him seeing his young love, reaching out his hand, and saying; "I would have died for you - but I wasn't that lucky." still knots up my throat.

Anyway. Joel's questions first, then yours. Give me a few minutes.


I loved reading your answers.
I'd like to play! Interview me!

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