Modern Love, Gets Me To The Church On Time

Andrew Sullivan:

Allowing others to be other is what we call modernity. In my view, it is worth defending. And that's why I think of myself as a conservative rather than as a reactionary. I like the pluralism of modernity; it doesn't threaten me or my faith. And if one's faith is dependent on being reinforced in every aspect of other people's lives, then it is a rather insecure faith, don't you think?

It's the End of the World As We Know It

Note to self:

Venient annis secula seris,
Quibus Oceanus vincula rerum Laxet,
et ingens pateat tellus,
Tethysque novos detegat orbes;
Nec sit terris ultima Thule.


(There shall come a time, in the last days,
when the ocean shall loosen the bonds,
and the whole globe shall lie open,
and a new Tethys will find new worlds,
and Thule will no longer be world's end.)

All I Need Is Everything

And here's another quote I like - this is from An interview with Nell Newman, creator of Newman's Own Organics:

I was a vegetarian for three years as a kid. Now I am a "flexitarian." My friends say it's a PC name for hypocrite. I eat a little bit of everything. Ninety percent of what I eat is organic, and any meat I buy is organic, but when I go out to dinner, I don't always investigate the ingredients. I don't say no when I go to a friend's for dinner and they've prepared a non-organic meal.

A flexitarian. I like that a lot.

World Where You Live

Doc Searls Weblog · When social media are neither:

the online world has both social media and social habitats. They are different, even when they overlap. Twitter is a social medium. Facebook is a social habitat. Twitter is a new breed of Web site/service that grew out of blogging. Facebook is a walled garden: a place you have to go to be social in the ways it facilitates and permits. In this respect Facebook is AOL 2.0. By calling both “social media” we blur distinctions that are necessary for making sense of highly varied progress (or movement in less positive directions) in the online world. We need a Linnean taxonomy here. And we don’t have one. Yet. For those so inclined, that’s an assignment.

Motherland, Cradle Me

PAGE: I see. Now what do you say to people who maintain that publicizing these allegations of yours is - well, not in the best interests of this country?

QUARREY: You don't serve your country by sweeping unpleasant facts under the carpet. We're not exactly the most popular nation in the world right now, and my view that we ought to put a stop right away to anything that's apt to make us even less well-liked.

Right on the money, isn't it, the exchange between reporter Page and scientist Quarrey? That's what I thought when I read it last night, so much so that I marked the page (26, for those of you who are counting).

It's from John Brunner's science-fiction novel "The Sheep Look Up". It was first published in 1972, and I am glad to see it in print again. It's just as timely as it was when I first read it.

I Know This Much Is True

"Truthiness," "Wikiality" named TV words of year - Yahoo! News:

"Truthiness" and "Wikiality" -- two of the words popularized by political satirist Stephen Colbert on his TV show "The Colbert Report"-- were named on Sunday the top television buzzwords of the year.

Global Language Monitor defined "truthiness" as used by Colbert as meaning "truth unencumbered by the facts." "Wikiality," derived from the user-compiled Wikipedia information Web site, was defined as "reality as determined by majority vote," as when astronomers voted Pluto off their list of planets last week.

Far as I'm concerned, Colbert is in the running for Man of the Year. Oh yeah, and he's running for office too. Vote Colbert! Truthiness and Justice for all!