Money, Money, Money, Must Be Funny In A Rich Man's World

And speaking of money, let me see what the local iTunes libarries hold on the topic (it's nice having several coworkers share their libarries on the network).

  • ABBA: Money, Money, Money
  • Frank Zappa: Where the Money Goes
  • Pink Floyd: Money
  • Spinal Tap: Gimme Some Money
  • Steve Miller Band: Take The Money And Run
  • Beatles: You Never Give Me Your Money
  • Dire Straits: Money For Nothing
  • Morphine: Murder For The Money
  • Cyndi Lauper: Money Changes Everything
  • Judas [from Jesus Christ Superstar]: Damned For All Time/Blood Money
  • Psychedelic Furs: All That Money Wants
  • Ivan Neville: Money Talks
  • Stereophonics: You Stole My Money Honey
  • Style Council: Money-Go-Round
  • P!nk: I Got Money Now

And of course, Warren Zevon's always timely call, "send lawyers, guns, and money - the shit has hit the fan!"

I Owe My Soul To The Company Store

Feature_buy_nothing_day_celebrate That's right, today is Buy Nothing Day. I must admit I'd forgotten all about it. Then again, I wasn't planning on buying anything today anyway - and I am certainly not going anywhere near a mall this weekend.

Yesterday was Buy Nothing Day for me too. And maybe even Wednesday - no, wait, Wednesday morning I stopped at the coffee shop to get a coffee and cinnamon bun to go, but that was the extent of my expenses that day.

Anyway, it's not really so much about not buying a single thing in 24 hours as it is about thinking about how much you buy regularly, and in particular, how many things you buy that you really don't need or even want. And how much money you are wasting by doing that, money you could be saving or investing instead.

Have a happy Buy Nothing Day!

Talking To The Taxman About Poetry

I didn't talk to him about poetry, actually. Rather, I told him to give me my paperwork back after he let two other people (who had shown up after me) go ahead of me and left me waiting for 45 minutes past the appointed time.

An extra ten minutes I wouldn't have minded, if the two other ladies - who didn't seem to have appointments - just had quick questions, but 45 minutes!?!?!? No thank you. So I just completed my taxes by myself, online, at TaxACT for a measly $15.95.

Got all my monthly bills paid, and envelopes and checks ready for my state and federal taxes (yes, I owe - I always keep my withholdings pretty low, and end up owing about $1,000, which is fine by me).

Now that all the work is out of the way, and the rain is taking a breather, I think I deserve some playtime. Off to buy a pound of coffee beans, have a cuppa, and take myself to the movies.

What's playing at the Camera Cinemas? Oh yeah, The Namesake! That's been on my list since I saw the trailer.

See you there!