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Stand Up And Fight For Your Rights

Roger Cohen, from Tehran:

I looked up through the smoke and saw a poster of the stern visage of Khomeini above the words, “Islam is the religion of freedom.”

Speaking of that, here's Monday Music for you: The Tom Robinson Band with what's still one of the finest fighting songs, Power in the Darkness [click that link to listen to the song]. It talks of England, but it works just as well for what's going on with the government crackdown on protesters in Iran:

Power in the darkness
Frightening lies from the other side
Power in the darkness
Stand up and fight for your rights

(Voice from The Other Side:) "Today, institutions fundamental to the British system of Government are under attack: the public schools, the house of Lords, the Church of England, the holy institution of Marriage, even our magnificent police force are no longer safe from those who would undermine our society, and it's about time we said 'enough is enough' and saw a return to the traditional British values of discipline, obedience, morality and FREEDOM.

Freedom from the reds and the blacks and the criminals
Prostitutes, pansies and punks
Football hooligans, juvenile delinquents
Lesbians and left wing scum
Freedom from the niggers and the Pakis and the unions
Freedom from the Gipsies and the Jews
Freedom from leftwing layabouts and liberals
Freedom from the likes of YOU!"

Power in the darkness
Frightening lies from the other side
Power in the darkness
Stand up and fight for your rights

Give Love, And Keep Blood Between Brothers

Parking this here for posterity. From C-SPAN - President Obama's inauguration and address.

If you'd rather read or listen than watch, skip over to Transcript of Barack Obama's Inaugural Address on (I was looking for it on the newly remodeled, but I couldn't find it there. Soon, I'm sure.)

PS a day later: Sure enough, here is the inaugural address in text and video on

I'll Sit At The Table When Company Comes

Your Seat at the Table | The Obama-Biden Transition Team.

In a memo released today, Obama-Biden Transition Project Co-chair John D. Podesta announced that all policy documents from official meetings with outside organizations will be publicly available for review and discussion on

This means we're inviting the American public to take a seat at the table and engage in a dialogue about these important issues and ideas -- at the same time members of our team review these documents themselves.

That's great news. And it's exactly what I meant when I was talking about Obama being Web 2.0.

Money - It's a Gas!

From Political Punch, via Andrew Sullivan:

President-elect Obama campaign raised roughly $745 million for his 2008 presidential campaign.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., raised roughly $320 million, including the $84 million from entering into the public financing system.

This does NOT include money from the DNC and RNC. When those numbers are taken into account, we expect the Democrats to have raised closer to one billion dollars, compared to roughly $630 million for the Republicans.

Which means the President-elect had, roughly, a $400 million advantage.

ABC News' Tahman Bradley points out that Mr. Obama's total exceeds that of all 2004 candidates combined. They raised $673 million.

The comments on this entry are interesting too - there are several people explaining that they donated to Obama's campaign because they were fed up with the Republicans' policies, that they gave smaller amounts repeatedly, and that Obama's web site made it so easy. (I did too. I was especially glad that I could "vote with my wallet" even though, as an alien, I could not vote with a ballot.)