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October 2009

We Don't Need No (13/2009)

An Education Hadn't been to the movies in quite a while, and then I read the A.V. Club interview with Alfred Molina and remembered that Peter Sarsgaard was in this movie, and I didn't have any candy for trick or treaters, and running off to the movie theatre would be a good idea. 

I liked it a lot - especially Peter Sarsgaard; he has that look of almost harmlessness, but you always wonder what's lurking under the surface -, and I kept thinking there was something familiar about it, until I finally remembered that I had read about this in The Guardian a few months back. 

As usual, I couldn't possibly say it better than Roger Ebert.

I Sleep All Night, And I Work All Day

Here's what I did this week:

And this weekend is mostly spent in the backyard, with brief excursions online to blog, pay bills, and tend my virtual farms in Farmtown and Farmville. I did my gardening math homework, made a shopping list and went to the farm and feed store, where I bought such lovely items as

Came back home with all these goodies, and set my seedlings out into the wonderful October sunshine. Reseeded the dead spots in the lawn, broke down the summer veggies' raised bed, and picked a bucket of apples. Left to do today and tomorrow: set up a new raised bed with all the freshly purchased goodies, transplant the seedlings from the seed tray into their own pots, and add compost and fertilizer to the strips of dirt in front of the house, all the while thoroughly ruining what's left of my manicure.

Must You Throw Dirt In My Face

Slightly dirty and very productive weekend - my favorite domestic goddess Finny came over for a tomato/citrus trade (her tomatoes for my lemons and Holly's limes) and threw dirt, not in my face, but in my bucket, and walked me through testing the soil in my backyard, so that I can grow better veggies. 

I'd bought one of these soil test kits at OSH, and we made a mud solution - 1 cup soil, 5 cups water, and ran the tests for the pH value (acidity) and the NPK values (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) of the soil. Turns out my backyard soil is nitrogen deficient, potassium deficient, has adequate to sufficient phosphorus, and is just right on the pH side around 6.5. 

I'd expected everything to be abysmal, so the phosphorus and pH values were a pleasant surprise. 

Now the next steps are to calculate what I need in amendments, to buy those, add them, and work them into the soil before I plant the winter veg seedlings I sowed after the class I took

I Feel Like Letting My Freak Flag Fly

In the shower this morning, shampooing my golden tresses, I appropriated a fine CSNY song for my nefarious purposes and sang:

"Almost ... washed ... my hair ... it happened just the other day. It was gettin' ... kinda skank',  I coulda said it was in my way. But ... I didn't ... and I wonder why ... I feel like ... lettin' my freak flag fly ... yes, I feel ... like I owe it ... to someone."

But I *did* wash my hair, and I like being truthful, so I stopped. Oh, and my poetrying skills aren't that grand either. (As if you couldn't already tell.)

But I'm not giving in an inch to fear ... yes, I promised myself this year ... I feel like I owe it ... to someone.

And It Feels Like Rain

It's raining really hard here today. Everybody is talking about the first storm of the season. I kinda like it. The only thing that could make it better would be if I could stay at home, throw a couple of logs in the fireplace, bake something, and settle down on the sofa in my designer snuggie with a book and a couple of cookies and three cats.

But there's work to be done, so I'm at the office, listening to rainy music. Here are a few of the songs in my playlist today:

  • The Cure, Prayers for Rain
  • Marc Cohn, Rainy Season
  • The Doors, Riders on the Storm
  • Elvis Presley, Kentucky Rain
  • Paul Weller, Early Morning Rain
  • Eurythmics, Here Comes The Rain Again
  • Grace Jones, Walking In The Rain
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival, Who'll Stop The Rain
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival, Have You Ever Seen The Rain
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan, Couldn't Stand The Weather
  • Heather Nova, London Rain
  • Joe Cocker, I Can Stand A Little Rain
  • John Hiatt, Feels Like Rain
  • Tom Verlaine, Storm

All You Can, All You Can

Yesterday, in a fit of insanity, I signed up for NaNoWriMo. I'd been all but certain I'd sit it out again this year, like I did last year, and with an even better excuse (much work, beating last year's absence due to a vacation hands down). And then our work schedule eased up a little, and I had a moment of delusions of grandeur, and renewed my registration

Gaaaaaahhh! I mean, ghaaaaaaaaaaarrrrggghhh! What was I thinking? What am I going to write about? I mean, WHAT? AM? I GOING! TO WRITE??? ABOUT???!!!!!!

I'm having fun simulating a panic attack. And I'm determined to take it easy. If I make it to 50,000, great. If not, so what? The world is not going to end. We all know it's going to end in 2012. Plenty of time to get my panic on.

But really, what AM I going to write?