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Meyer Lemon Shaker Pie, originally uploaded by elkit.

I tried out the Meyer Lemon Shaker Pie recipe after my friend Mahesh was kind enough to bring me Meyer lemons. Yes, I have a lemon tree, but Meyers are so very different from the "regular" varieties. I like how this came out - sweet and sour and bitter all at once.

Bitter from the lemon rind and pith (you use the whole lemon, sliced as thin as you can get it), sour from the lemon, and sweet from the sugar and eggs you add to make a kind of custard.

if you like puckery flavors like sour candies and candied ginger, you'll like this. If you like your sweets just sweet, without a bite, this is not for you. But not to worry, the next lemon pound cake is coming up soon. ;-)



Ooh! I should have checked your blog before I set out to make a pie for Pi Day. I made a blueberry apple instead, but this looks good AND it's one of those recipes that I royally messed up when I first tried it a few years ago. Word to the wise, never try to triple a recipe that includes eggs.

Lemon quiche is how I remember that coming out. Ew.

But this looks lovely! I may have to try this with the Meyers I have remaining.



I think you should. Or just stop by Elke's Haus of Zitronen tonight and have a slice.

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