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Jun 22, 2007


Simona Carini

Hi Elke. I saw that you had posted your survey answers on your blog, so I came here to visit. I think I actually ate at the same restaurant is Siena a while ago. As for Eos, that is not far from UCSF, which is where I work and I have often wondered whether it is a good place to eat. Sometimes the N-Judah takes so long to arrive that I think I could have time to have a meal and still catch it. Plus, liquid-center chocolate cake sounds interesting, but probably contraindicated if you are trying to lower your sugar intake. I didn't know about the paperback swapping site: but I bought two (used) books today, so I have to be good for a while.


Thanks for visiting, Simona! I think Eos is well worth a meal, even if you miss your bus or trolley. You are right that the liquid-center chocolate cake is contraindicated for my current goals, but I'll just dream about it for a while. They keep changing it, by the way. Last time I had it, it was all Valrhona dark chocolate, and they served it with cardamon ice cream. Maybe I'll just wait for that incarnation to come round again.
:-9 (Licking my chops just thinking about it.)

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