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Can I have Another Piece of Chocolate Cake?

Crowded House, Chocolate Cake I've been using my RSS reader more consistently, and have added more blogs to my reading list, including several food blogs.

One of these, Kalyn's Kitchen, has a reader survey today. The perfect topic for some lunch-time bloggery! I'll try to answer as best as I can.

  1. Tell us a little about yourself. (If you'd like, tell your name, where you live, and what you do for a living. If not, just share something interesting.)
    My name is Elke, I go by elkit online. I live in San Jose, California with three cats, and I make web pages for a living.
  2. How did you find Kalyn's Kitchen and how long have you been reading this blog?
    I am pretty new to Kalyn's Kitchen; only been reading for a few weeks. I forget how I found her - by searching for a recipe, and her blog came up in the results? Or through a link from another blog? In any case, I like how well-organized her site is, and how easily you can find recipes, so I added her to my above-mentioned RSS reader.
  3. What are some things you'd be sure to eat if you were visiting San Francisco?
    I live about an hour away, so I trek up to "the City" regularly. My favorites are the Suppenküche, a home away from home for this German ex-pat, and Eos, about whose liquid-center chocolate cake I have recurring dreams. And the Ferry Building is hog heaven for foodies.
  4. Where's the best place you ever went for a vacation and what did you eat there?
    Tuscany, with a dozen friends, for about a dozen days. We ate lots of great Italian food, drank wonderful wines, and lots of good strong coffee. One of the finest meals I have ever had was Pasta Carbonara with smoked duck instead of the customary bacon, at Sotto le Fonti in Siena. Still makes my mouth water, just thinking about it five years later.
  5. What's the next thing you'll be cooking in your own kitchen?
    The very next thing will probably be some veggies tonight. The green beans and mushrooms need killin'. The next thing I am really looking forward to cooking? A clafoutis, like this Apricot and Cherry Clafoutis from The Ethicurean, or the Clafoutis à la Fraise from Chocolate and Zucchini. Like I said, I've been reading a bunch of food blogs lately.

Oh, and to answer my question in the title: No, I cannot have another piece of chocolate cake. Matter of fact, since I've been curtailing my sugar intake, I am not even going to have a first piece.


Simona Carini

Hi Elke. I saw that you had posted your survey answers on your blog, so I came here to visit. I think I actually ate at the same restaurant is Siena a while ago. As for Eos, that is not far from UCSF, which is where I work and I have often wondered whether it is a good place to eat. Sometimes the N-Judah takes so long to arrive that I think I could have time to have a meal and still catch it. Plus, liquid-center chocolate cake sounds interesting, but probably contraindicated if you are trying to lower your sugar intake. I didn't know about the paperback swapping site: but I bought two (used) books today, so I have to be good for a while.


Thanks for visiting, Simona! I think Eos is well worth a meal, even if you miss your bus or trolley. You are right that the liquid-center chocolate cake is contraindicated for my current goals, but I'll just dream about it for a while. They keep changing it, by the way. Last time I had it, it was all Valrhona dark chocolate, and they served it with cardamon ice cream. Maybe I'll just wait for that incarnation to come round again.
:-9 (Licking my chops just thinking about it.)

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