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Sep 17, 2005



My, haven't attempted these in ages. (And how are you, Elke?) But find I'm struck witless tonight. (Perhaps it's watching the latest tropical storms mass to our southeast--there's a certain grim inevitability to those westward swirling satellite images.)

But enough of our petty problems down here on the once and future sea bottom. Your Rowe v. Wade muttering reminded me of a comment made by our daughter's history teacher last week: When asked what he thought of Rowe versus Wade, President Bush said he didn't really care how those people got out of New Orleans. (Yes, the history teacher is fully tenured.)

Elke Sisco

Ha! Good one.

And I am just fine, thank you. :-)


Less filling: because there will be less gas
Glue: Sniff
Surprise me: OK
Model: The Tailor Motel Kamzoil?
Fee: Male
Microphone: Speak into
Choices: Made
To the bone: cut
Run!=FEMA is coming to help you!
Appeal: And don't slip on it.

Do let me know if you see signs of me slipping into a mania.... :)

Elke Sisco

I wouldn't know how to tell.


For one thing, I type very fast. :D

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