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How Can We Sleep When Our Blogs Are Burning?

Oh no, I won't let my risotto burn! I love making risotto. And eating it too. :^)
Here's my contribution to today's "Is My Blog Burning?" event, which features a rice dish. Sorry, no pix ... I gave my camera to Silvia Thursday night so she can pose with her toaster. But I'll give you my recipe for

Risotto con piselli e limon (Risotto with Peas and Lemon)

1-2 shallots
1 big splash of olive oil
2 cups Arborio rice
3-4 cups of vegetable broth
1 cup white wine (I bought a bottle of Pumari Chardonnay)
2-3 lemons
1 small package of frozen peas
salt and pepper to taste
parmesan or other hard cheese for grating

Start by chopping your shallots as fine as you like.
Douse a heavy sauce pan liberally with olive oil (or olive oil and butter), turn the heat up high, and wait for the oil to heat up.
Add the shallots and stir them until they've turned glassy.
Add the rice. Stir it until it's coated with oil and turns a little glassy.
Add a little bit of your veggie broth - just a cup or so at a time.
Keep stirring.
When the liquid has coooked down, and the rice is about to get really sticky, add another cup of broth.
Turn the heat down to low.
Keep stirring.
Pour yourself a glass of the white wine and sip it while you add a cupful of wine to the risotto.
Did I tell you to keep stirring? Okay. Good work, keep it up!
Get the peas, add them to the rice and keep stirring.
Where'd you put those lemons?
If they're untreated, you can grate some zest. If you're not sure, don't worry, just the lemon juice will do.
So, juice the lemons. Add the lemon juice and zest, if any, to the risotto.
Add more broth if necessary.
Add salt and pepper to taste.
Keep stirring and stirring so the rice doesn't burn. Is it getting soft yet? Sample a spoonful to find out if it's to your liking. I like my rice pretty close to al dente, and very sticky, and all the liquid cooked down so it's not very soupy, but this is where you really set your own preferences. (Do I sound like a geek? Of course I do.)

Excuse me for a minute ... my risotto needs a final stir. Then I'll let it sit for five minutes, dish it out, grate some cheese over the top, and we're ready to eat!

Thanks for joining me for dinner!
Now let's go see what other folks are cooking today ... yummm, Shaun's Hoppin' John sounds delicious! Will you save me some? I'll trade you some of mine. :-)



I got some hoppin' john, tea, and strawberry shortcake with your name on it! Come on over!


Strawberry shortcake too?!?!?!
Awwww man. Sigh.
I'll be right over. Might be a while coast to coast - leave the light on, would you?


And may I say, it was delicious! Thanks so much for leaving us this delicious repast at home, we enjoyed it thoroughly!


Glad you enjoyed it! It's no fun cooking for mine own self, cooking for friends is infinitely better.
And I guess this means you got home just fine last night too. Excellent! Now, about those margaritas ...


Made this risotto last night... mmmm!

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